A downloadable game

*Last Updated 2-13-14*

+ Added Quit button to menu screen

+ Added support for attack ranges and feedback to player regarding miss, hit, etc.

+ Improved feedback on movement and attack ranges by highlighting grid spaces within their range

+ Assorted other goodies as we move from concept to 'game'


Built with the Torque 2D MIT Game Engine



**Currently in Beta Build**

This means its in a limited form of playability. The base combat mechanics exist, and players suffer damage, but no consequences from that damage. AI do not exist as yet, so you are essentially taking turns controlling two different characters on a battle grid. This will be updated as we move from vertical slice into a fully-functional game.


It currently runs on Android, minus some tweaking and the difference in attack input mapping, but at this time, only the Windows application is available. When a more functional android build is reached, that will be made available.


Kings Brigade.exe 36 MB